Clear Crystal Audio

Using best in class audio decoding and output technologies provided by FFMPEG, paired with internal audio output engine, Kioo delivers high quality, clear crystal audio to the listener which is unrivaled by almost all players out there.


Sharp Video Quality

By Utilizing latest technology in graphics rendering, Kioo Player produces a sharp and high quality video with no blur while utilizing the most minimum amount of CPU.


Subtitle Search

Thanks to the Open Source subtitles database provided by Opensubtitles.org, Kioo can deliver high quality subtitles using its in-built Opensubtitles based search engine.


Network Stream

Using a state of the art streaming playback engine, Kioo can play almost any network stream or any file from connected network while providing outstanding playback with clear crystal audio.

Kioo Social Platform (KSP)

Kioo Media Player is now bundled with state of the art social platform which was developed exclusive for Kioo Media Player.
Through KSP different people who are watching or who have watched the same media file can share their thoughts by a way of comments, which appears right on the video playback screen.

Using KSP, people will be able to have a second line of entertainment by reading the comments that have been posted by the users who watched the media file earlier.

With Kioo Social Platform, there is no more lonely hours when watching your favorite media files! Join it now to start sharing your views!